Integrated Solution

PrivCert integrated modules are all supported by user (your) defined parameters include.

  • Management dashboard.
  • Document Production.
  • Application Management.
  • Quotation Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Condition Management.
  • Workflow Management.
  • Inspection Management.
  • Reports Management.


  • Compliance with Queensland forms Link.
  • Compliance with NSw Forms Link.
  • Compliance with other states provided free of charge no cost to you.



No IT Required


  • Fully supported ‘Cloud’ hosted solution.
  • Fully supported ‘Desktop’ solution .
  • We can dial in to your system and support you at any time.
  • Support 24 X 7 via remote access.

Cost Reduction

  • Reduced time and costs by module integration and report templates.
  • Less duplication of data and efficient administration.
  • All modules provided on a single application base.
  • Integration with email for quote dispatch etc.
  • Automated lookups ensure data integrity.
  • Automated calculations ensure quote accuracy.
  • Optional web based client access module.

Our Private Certification Software (PrivCert), contains a suite of highly integrated modules to automate the processing of building applications by Private Certifiers.


Nothing slips through the cracks with user predetermined due dates on all relevant aspects of application workflow including certificates from external providers.

Unlimted Reports

Reports can be customised to suit your organisation’s existing templates and reporting requirements.

Rapid Activation

Based on automated imports if available or rapid data entry, you can be up and running your organisation in no time.